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Spa Valley Railway – Groombridge

We cannot be more excited to be partnering The Spa Valley railway. The trains are a truly iconic part of this area of the High Weald and the station at Groombridge is a marvel in itself. 

Spa Valley Railway image

The station at Groombridge where we are placing our bikes sits at the start of the Forest Way off-road cycling route to East Grinstead via Hartfield (home of Winnie the Pooh). To us, this sounds like all the ingredients for fantastic days out exploring the countryside, which is what we are all about. 

For directions to the Forest Way / Cycle 21 route (or to Groombridge Place), please download this pdf attached kindly provided by the Spa Valley Railway:

Directions to Forest Way from the station

This really is a fantastic venue for those looking to get out into the countryside with easy off road cycling. Why not take a steam train out from Tunbridge Wells before exploring the route by bike. Alternatively just park in the village and head out for the day. The location also sits on the Avenue Verte London to Paris cycle route if you fancy stretching those legs even further!

Forest Way

Specifics for this location

Where the bikes are located

Our bikes are situated on the station platform. They can be accessed regardless of if the trains are running via the pathway at the end of the old station building. The bikes are positioned under the shelter alongside the picket fence.

Bikes in situ

How much the bikes cost

Autumn / Winter prices now on – To rent a bike using the Mobile app costs £5 for the first hour of rental and then £2.50 per 30 mins afterwards

How to rent the bikes

Please note that you need to have a smart Phone and a credit card. You are now able to hire multiple bikes from the same phone and account details.

To hire a bike, then follow the instructions below:

  • Download the Mobile phone app ‘Linka Go‘ and register your details
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions 
  • The lock is attached to the front wheel of the bike. It is activated with a small button on it’s right hand side when it is sleeping. It is opened and closed by using the Mobile app.
  • Choose the bike you would to use. Make sure to check it over thoroughly before deciding to hire it.
  • If you see any issues, then please do not hire the bike and report them to us via email –
  • Having chosen your bike, press the button on the right hand side of the lock or turn the handle bars until the lock makes a beep. It is now awake.
  • Follow the instructions on the app and either scan the QR code (found on the laminate instructions in the basket) or by type in the 4 digit number of the bike found on the green sticker on the handle bars.
  • The lock should now open.
  • To add an additional bike to your rental, then simply click on the + button next to your current bike number in the centre of the App screen and scan the additional bike QR code.
  • You are all set…your countryside awaits!

When you are out and about you can use the Mobile app to secure the lock as many times as you want. To end the rental though, you must return the bike back to the same place you hired it from and re-secure it to the bike stand.

The maximum hire period allowed is 12 hours and all bikes must be returned and secured within that period. Likewise all bikes must be returned within daylight. 

Download Linka Go from the App Store
Download Linka Go from Google Play

How to return the bikes

  • To end your rental, you must return the bike back to the same bike stands that you hired it from in the carpark.
  • When you have returned to the original place, use the U-bolt that is connected to the bike stand to loop between the lock and the front wheel of the bike.
  • Ensuring the lock is sitting over the U-bolt and making sure no spokes will be in the way when the lock closes, use the Mobile app to end your rental.
  • Note there is a safety feature on the Mobile app requiring you to hold the slider down for three seconds before swiping it to the right.
  • When you tell the Mobile app to end the rental, then the lock should beep and the shackle slowly close securing the U-bolt and bike stand to the bike.
  • Once securely locked, your rental period ends and the Mobile app will tell you how much money will be debited from your credit card for the bike hire. 
  • Please note that if you have hired multiple bikes, then you must return all at the same time to end your rental. Simply use the app to re-lock one bike at a time until all of them are safely locked up. The App will now end your group rental and tell you how much money will be debited from your credit card for the hire of the bikes. 
  • Thank you for using Countrybike. 

The bikes themselves

At The Spa Valley Railway in Groombridge we have the following bikes:

  • Kids – 1 x 14 inch frame (Carrera) – suitable for an inside leg measurement of around 26″ (indicative average height 4’9″-5’3″) 
  • Small – 1 x 16inch frames – suitable for people with an inside leg measurement of around 28″ (indicative average height 5’3″-5’7″)
  • Medium – 2 x 18 inch frames – suitable for people with an inside leg measurement of around 30″ (indicative average height 5’7″-5’11”)

Please note that pending availability, we can also deliver extra adult bikes as well as children’s bikes in advance of your visit. A minimum hire period of a day and 24 hours notice is needed but discounts for day hire are available. To enquire about this service, please email

For more details about our bikes see our bike page.

Planning in advance? To enquire about reserving bikes in advance of your visit, then just email Do please give us 24 hours notice to try and facilitate your needs.


Basic helmets are available at this venue to use for free when renting one of our bikes. For details of where to pick them up from, then please read the laminated instructions in the bikes’ basket (including terms and conditions for their use).