Penshurst Place

What a fantastic venue to host our bikes. Set in the beautiful Weald of Kent, Penshurst Place and Gardens has stood on the banks of the river Medway since the 1341. It is surrounded by 11 acres of beautiful formal gardens. Visitors to Penshurst Place enjoy nearly seven centuries of history, heritage and horticulture. There is also bundles of fun to be had with the Adventure Playground, Woodland Trail and Toy Museum. Penshurst bike hire for the Tudor Trail is made easy with Countrybike.

Once used as a hunting lodge by Henry VIII, Penshurst Place has long been famed for its Grade 1 listed parkland and beautiful historic gardens. The Estate covers over 2600 acres of farmland, woodland and parkland in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The House and Estate have been part of the landscape of Penshurst for over 650 years. Bronze Age man occupied the high ground in the park 2500 years ago. Romans worked iron ore and cut wood at Cinderhill. Settlements around Penshurst village date back to before the Norman Conquest in 1066. The field and farmland were created from large areas of woodland once used as denns. When settlements became larger and permanent, a diverse landscape emerged of small fields amongst woods, hedges and rivers. The need for a large open area for hunting created the medieval deer park. This is today’s parkland, with its trees and avenues. 

Today Penshurst Place Estate is a truly memorable day out and is also situated at the start of Sustrans route no.12, a mainly off road cycle route all the way to Tonbridge via Haysden Country park and reservoir. Perfect!

Specifics for this location

Cycling level

Type of cycle routes: We recommend the Tudor Trail which is predominantly off road apart from a short stretch on a quiet lane near Haysden Country park

Suitability:  The Tudor Trail is suitable for a wide range of ages and ability

Difficulty: The Tudor Trail is an easy off road route with some hills

Sustran cycle route 12 is mainly off-road (The Tudor Trail). The route runs from the carpark of Penshurst Place through to Tonbridge Castle. Enjoy the stunning views atop the short hill at the start, it is then flat all the way. The beautiful Haysden Country Park and reservoir is ideal for stopping off and having a drink or a bite to eat. This is a truly picturesque cycle ride and very family friendly too.  To read about a cycle ride we did in May along the ‘Tudor Trail’ that is featured on the ExploreKent website – click here.

Tudor Trail route – please download our handy guide that you can also reference whilst out and about – Tudor Trail Map

For the more confident cyclists, in the other direction lies Chiddingstone National Trust village about 4.5 miles away and Hever Castle about 5 miles away. There are some glorious pubs such as the Henry V111, Spotted dog & The Bottlehouse that can be found nearby too.  

Where the bikes are located

The bikes are situated in a bike shelter directly outside the main visitor entrance, gift shop and Porcupine cafe. There is free parking all year round in the field next to the entrance.

Instructions on how to hire the bikes

Please note that due to poor mobile data reception at Penshurst, it may be better to download the app and sign-up on wifi at home before hiring the bikes. Please use the Porcupine Pantry WI-FI when hiring the bikes if your mobile signal is poor (the password can be found on A5 signs on the bike shelter or next to the cafe entrance). We would advise using Wi-Fi when hiring and returning the bikes if your normal mobile signal drops as the app needs a data signal to start and end your rental.

Just click on either of the links depending if you use an iPhone or Android device to take you to the relevant App to download:

To rent a bike using the Mobile app costs £5 for the first hour of rental and then £2.50 per 30 mins afterwards.

If you are planning to go out for longer than 4 hours, then please just get in touch as we can arrange discounted day rates if you contact us in advance.

Please note that at the start of your rental the App will look to pre-authorise a standard £30 charge to your credit card. When you end your rental this fee is automatically replaced with the correct amount based on the time you have hired the bike for in the end. This sometimes shows up on online bank statements for a short period.

(You just need to do this once and it will take about 5 minutes)

  • Download the Mobile app ‘Linka Go’ from either Google Play or the App Store
  • We recommend this is done at home or on wifi before visiting the venue to hire the bikes if possible
  • Register an account using your email address. Note you will need to validate the email address as part of the process (please also note that the system does not work with Outlook email addresses)
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions
  • Add valid credit card details to the app

  • Check over the bike or bikes you plan to take out 
  • If you spot any problems with any of the bikes then don’t hire them and email us at to let us know
  • Make sure you choose a bike that has the right size frame for you (sizes are shown on the bike)

(takes about 30 seconds)

  • Make sure you have a good signal to your phone or else join local wifi if available
  • Make sure none of the spokes of the front wheel are touching the shackle of the lock
  • Press the button on the right hand side of the lock to wake it up
  • Open up the Linka Go app on your phone
  • Click on the ‘Select bike’ button
  • Scan the QR code or enter the 4 digit number of the bike found in the basket 
  • The lock on the bike should now open
  • To add an additional bike to your rental then simply click on the ‘+’ button next to your current bike number in the centre of the App screen and repeat the scanning a QR code or entering a bike number process
  • Please make sure to recheck the bike before heading off. If you spot any problems then please return the bike to the bike post, re-lock it and then email us to let us know. We will make sure you are refunded for any charges the app assumes to make for your rental of that bike
  • You are all set – your countryside awaits…

  • Return the bikes back to the original venue / bike stands that you hired them from 
  • Ensure your phone is switched on, mobile data and bluetooth are both enabled and that you have a mobile signal
  • If you do not have a mobile data signal then please use local wifi if possible as internet connection is needed to end your rental
  • If you are unable to connect to the internet then please use the ‘Pause Rental’ function on the Mobile app to re-lock the bike and email us at to let us know. We can end your rental remotely and ensure you are only charged the correct amount

  • Hook the lock at the front of the bike over the U-bolt which is attached to the bike post
  • Turn the wheel slightly if needed to ensure that the shackle of the lock will not hit a spoke when it closes 

  • Open up the Mobile app and click the ‘End Rental’ button. This will close the lock of the bike the app is currently talking to (shown by the bike number in the bottom centre of the screen)
  • Ensure the shackle of the lock closes fully and is not caught by a spoke
  • If you have hired more than one bike, then repeat the process until all the bikes are re-locked
  • Once all bikes have been returned then the app will give you a summary of the distance you travelled, the calories you should have burned and the overall fee for the rental
  • We hope you had a good time. Please do let us know how it went. You can leave reviews on Facebook or Instagram @wearecountrybike or on Google maps where you see the Countrybike tag. Likewise, please email us at We are a family owned business and keen to do everything we can to offer a great service and keep improving as we go

The app will allow you to reserve bikes about ten minutes in advance only. If you do want to ensure particular sizes or numbers of bikes are available then please use the booking form on the website. Do please give us at least 24 hours notice (or more if you can) and so we can check availability and try and arrange things for you.

Please note we can reserve bikes for you to hire by the hour if booking to go before 10am (in Summer) or 11am (out of Peak season). For later bookings we ask for you to pay a day rate (£20 per bike) as we in effect need to reserve the bike the whole day to ensure it remains available for you. 

Our bikes at this location

Dawes aluminium frame bikes with 21 gears and 26″ wheels. The bikes are also fitted with kickstands, comfortable saddles, puncture resistant tyres and front baskets.

The following sizes are based here:

2 x 16 inch frames (suits if you are roughly between 5′ to 5’5″)

4 x 18 inch frames (suits if you are roughly between 5’5″ and 5’11”)

2 x 20 inch frames (suits if you are roughly 6′ or +)

Reserving bikes at our venues (to hire through the Linka Go mobile app):

Please use the form below if you are looking to enquire about reserving bikes to hire through the Linka Go mobile app from one of our venues. The day rate for hiring a bike is £20 each. We can only set reservations to hire the bikes by the hour if looking to set off before 11am.

Once we get your request we can check availability and get back to you. Please give us at least 24hours notice when looking to make a reservation. To set up the reservation we will first need you to download the Linka Go app, register and then enter your payment card details and so we can see you in our reservation system to set things up for you.