FAQs and Prices

We are gradually rolling our bikes back out following the winter months and they are currently at Penshurst Place , The Spa Valley Railway in Groombridge and Horam on the Cuckoo Trail. We will update as other venues are up and running and we continue to deliver bikes around the area for day hires or longer when booked in advance. We also service bikes too.

Countrybike is a family owned bike hire and servicing business. Hopefully we cover most frequently asked questions below but please just email us at hello@countrybike.co.uk if you have any further questions. You can hire our bikes in two main ways which we have used to list the FAQs below:

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Using the Linka Go Mobile App

Using the 'Linka Go' Mobile App

Use the Mobile App to hire bikes from any of our partner venues

Pay as you go

You are charged on a pay as you go basis for the period you rent the bike out for. Ideal for shorter bike rides up to a day.

Pay as you go prices:

£5 per bike for the first hour and then£2.50 per 30 minutes afterwards.

Please contact us in advance if planning to go out for longer than 4 hours as we can arrange a discounted day rate if agreed in advance.

Image of locations

FAQs – hiring and returning the bikes

Just click on either of the links depending if you use an iPhone or Android device to take you to the relevant App to download:

To rent a bike using the Mobile app costs £5 for the first hour of rental and then £2.50 per 30 mins afterwards.

If you go out for longer than 4 hours, we cap the day rate of £20 (you must return the bike/s by 6pm at the latest). If we spot you go over 4 hours on the pay as you go basis then we will refund you the difference or else we can set a day rate in advance if you reserve the bike/s in advance. To do this please use one of our enquiry forms on the website.

Please note that at the start of your rental the App will look to pre-authorise a standard £30 charge to your credit card. When you end your rental this fee is automatically replaced with the correct amount based on the time you have hired the bike for in the end. This sometimes shows up on online bank statements for a day or so as ‘pending’ before it disappears.

(You just need to do this once and it will take about 5 minutes)

  • Download the Mobile app ‘Linka Go’ from either Google Play or the App Store
  • We recommend this is done at home or on wifi before visiting the venue to hire the bikes if possible
  • Register an account using your email address. Note you will need to validate the email address as part of the process (please also note that the system does not work with Outlook email addresses)
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions
  • Add valid credit card details to the app

  • Check over the bike or bikes you plan to take out 
  • If you spot any problems with any of the bikes then don’t hire them and email us at hello@countrybike.co.uk to let us know
  • Make sure you choose a bike that has the right size frame for you (sizes are shown on the bike)

(takes about 30 seconds)

  • Make sure you have a good signal to your phone or else join local wifi if available
  • Make sure none of the spokes of the front wheel are touching the shackle of the lock
  • Press the button on the right hand side of the lock to wake it up
  • Open up the Linka Go app on your phone
  • Click on the ‘Select bike’ button
  • Scan the QR code or enter the 4 digit number of the bike found in the basket 
  • The lock on the bike should now open
  • To add an additional bike to your rental then simply click on the ‘+’ button next to your current bike number in the centre of the App screen and repeat the scanning a QR code or entering a bike number process
  • Please make sure to recheck the bike before heading off. If you spot any problems then please return the bike to the bike post, re-lock it and then email us to let us know. We will make sure you are refunded for any charges the app assumes to make for your rental of that bike
  • You are all set – your countryside awaits…

  • Return the bikes back to the original venue / bike stands that you hired them from 
  • Ensure your phone is switched on, mobile data and bluetooth are both enabled and that you have a mobile signal
  • If you do not have a mobile data signal then please use local wifi if possible as internet connection is needed to end your rental
  • If you are unable to connect to the internet then please use the ‘Pause Rental’ function on the Mobile app to re-lock the bike and email us at hello@countrybike.co.uk to let us know. We can end your rental remotely and ensure you are only charged the correct amount

  • Hook the lock at the front of the bike over the U-bolt which is attached to the bike post
  • Turn the wheel slightly if needed to ensure that the shackle of the lock will not hit a spoke when it closes 

  • Open up the Mobile app and click the ‘End Rental’ button. This will close the lock of the bike the app is currently talking to (shown by the bike number in the bottom centre of the screen)
  • Ensure the shackle of the lock closes fully and is not caught by a spoke
  • If you have hired more than one bike, then repeat the process until all the bikes are re-locked
  • Once all bikes have been returned then the app will give you a summary of the distance you travelled, the calories you should have burned and the overall fee for the rental
  • We hope you had a good time. Please do let us know how it went. You can leave reviews on Facebook or Instagram @wearecountrybike or on Google maps where you see the Countrybike tag. Likewise, please email us at hello@countrybike.co.uk. We are a family owned business and keen to do everything we can to offer a great service and keep improving as we go

FAQs – general

The app will allow you to reserve bikes about ten minutes in advance only. If you do want to ensure particular sizes or numbers of bikes are available then please use the booking form on the website. Do please give us at least 24 hours notice (or more if you can) and so we can check availability and try and arrange things for you.

Please note we can reserve bikes for you to hire by the hour if booking to go before 10am (in Summer) or 11am (out of Peak season). For later bookings we ask for you to pay a day rate (£20 per bike) as we in effect need to reserve the bike the whole day to ensure it remains available for you. 

There are reservation forms on each of the venue pages or just use the one below:

Yes, you can hire multiple bikes from the same phone and account using the Mobile Phone app. See how to hire a bike using the Mobile App above.

Please note you cannot hire more than one bike if using our monthly subscription plan. If you you are subscribed to this plan then you must register a different email address to access and sign up to the Pay as You go plan to hire multiple bikes.

Unfortunately we cannot take payment on the phone for using the bikes that are fitted with locks designed to be used with the Mobile phone App. This is as we cannot remotely open the locks for you and they need to be accessed via the App. The Mobile app also details our standard terms and conditions which you agree to when hiring bikes through the system.

If you want to hire bikes without using the Mobile app, then we can arrange delivery if we have enough notice and we would ask you to email confirmation of our terms and conditions and pay in advance. Please see the section below on arranging delivery of bikes.

Yes, you do need a mobile phone and data signal to be able to rent the bikes and return them at the end of your bike ride. Please also ensure that bluetooth on your phone is turned on.

Whilst it is possible to download the app and register on a data signal we do advise that you do this in advance of your planned trip on wifi at home or alternatively on wifi if available at the venue. Please do not switch between wifi and roaming data on your phone when in the process of signing up as this sometimes causes issues with being able to register on the system.

Whilst out and about on your cycle ride, it is not important to have a mobile signal and you can lock your bike up temporarily using the Mobile App with just a bluetooth connection.

If for some reason you cannot get a mobile signal at the end of your rental, please use the ‘Pause Rental’ function on the App to re-lock the bike to the bike posts from where hired it from and email us at hello@countrybike.co.uk with the time you finished your ride and which location you were at. We can end your rental remotely and make sure that you are only charged the correct amount for your rental.

Please do check how much battery life you have on your phone before you head out for your cycle ride.

If your phone starts to run low on battery then we recommend it is turned off to preserve enough charge to end your rental at the end of your bike ride.

You can also sign-in to your account from any phone that has the Linka Go app downloaded and use that to end your rental if needs. If you do get into difficulty then please email us at hello@countrybike.co.uk and we will see how we can help. It is your responsibility to ensure any bikes that you rent are left secure at the end of your rental.

Please note that the system may decline to allow you to rent the bikes if your battery has little charge remaining at the start.

You need to enter details such as your name and a valid email address that the system can email you at to validate it is you who is signing up. You also need to enter valid credit card details.

Please note that email on Outlook is not supported by the Linka Go system and so please use another email account if you have one.

Yes, you can adjust the seat height by opening the quick release clasp where the seat post meets the bike frame, raising or lowing the post and then re-securing the clasp

Reserving bikes at our venues (to hire through the Linka Go mobile app):

Please use the form below if you are looking to enquire about reserving bikes to hire through the Linka Go mobile app from one of our venues. The day rate for hiring a bike is £20 each. We can only set reservations to hire the bikes by the hour if looking to set off before 11am.

Once we get your request we can check availability and get back to you. Please give us at least 24hours notice when looking to make a reservation. To set up the reservation we will first need you to download the Linka Go app, register and then enter your payment card details and so we can see you in our reservation system to set things up for you.

FAQs – locations and numbers / sizes of bikes

We dedicate a webpage for every venue that we have bikes stationed at. The exact locations you can find our bikes at for each of these locations are detailed on those pages. Just click on the image below to be taken to a page that lists all of our partner venues.

Map of Countrybike locations

Each venue has a different number of bikes stationed at it. The number of bikes and the different size frames available at each location is listed on the webpage dedicated to each of our partner venues. In addition, you can use the mobile app to see how many bikes are currently available to rent at each location.

Click here to see a list of our partner venues and their webpages

If you want some more guidance on what frame size is suitable for you then please just download our pdf frame size guide – Frame size guide

Note: the number and sizes of each of the bikes normally stationed at each venue are shown on the venue webpage – click here for a list of our partner venues an links to their pages

Pending availability, we can also deliver extra adult bikes as well as children’s 14 inch frame bikes in advance of your visit. To enquire about this service, please email hello@countrybike.co.uk. We have have baby seats and a tag along too.

We do ask you give us at least 24 hours notice (the more the better) to try and plan things if you need extra bikes delivered to a venue. Please note we may ask for a delivery fee depending on the numbers and sizes of bike required.

For more details about our bikes see our bike page.

Most of our partner venues unfortunately only have enough space to support parking the bikes that are usually stationed there. It is therefore important that you start and end your rental from the same location like you would normally do with a traditional bike hire business.

However, if you email us in advance with your plans, we can see what we can do to accommodate things if we can – hello@countrybike.co.uk.

In addition, you can lock your bike up at any time and in any location using the Mobile App using the ‘Pause Rental’ function. This is designed to allow you to take a break and the bike remains rented to you preventing other people turning up and renting it whilst you are out and about. You can only end your rental though by returning it to one of the designated venues you hired it from.

FAQs – safety related

Basic helmets are available at a number of our venues free of charge when renting one or more of our bikes. For details of where to pick them up from, then please look at the webpage dedicated to the venue you are hiring the bikes from. For a list of venues and links to their pages please click here.

We just ask the bikes are returned and locked up during daylight hours as the bikes do not have lights on for cycling in the dark.

Ordering the delivery of bikes

Order the delivery and collection of bikes to hire

Pre-arrange bikes to be delivered to you and collected when hiring them for a full day or longer.


The ability to get bikes delivered and collected in the Kent & East Sussex area for longer periods.

Bikes hire costs:

£20 per bike for the day 

£10 per day per bike for additional days 

£45 per bike for a weeks hire 

(Note: delivery fees might apply)

Delivery area diagram

FAQs – ordering bikes to be delivered

Please do give us at least 2 or more working days notice to try and plan things for you. The more advance warning you give us, the more likely it is we will be able to support your request especially during the busy summer months!

Step 1:

Fill in the request form on the website or email us (hello@countrybike.co.uk) with the following details:

  • Your name and a contact telephone number
  • Where you would like to have the bikes delivered and picked up from
  • How long you would like to rent the bikes for
  • If you need bike helmets
  • The sizes of bikes that you want to hire – please download the pdf guide if needed for more information – Frame size guide 19

Step 2:

Once we have all the details above we will email you a proforma quote along with our standard terms and conditions.

Step 3:

If you wish to progress with the reservation, then we would require you to confirm in email that you are okay with the details in the quote and that you have agreed to our standard terms. We also then need to take details of a valid credit card to take payment in advance of delivery.

Step 4:

Once we have taken payment, we will email you to confirm it has been taken and that your reservation is confirmed.

We are based near Tunbridge Wells and try and offer delivery where we can throughout Kent & East Sussex. The further away from Tunbridge Wells, then the more notice the better and the longer or larger the order, the more likely we will be able to facilitate things for you. Please note delivery charges will apply based on how far away you are. 

We do sometimes need to ask for a delivery and collection charge depending on where you want the bikes and how many you want delivered.

As a rule of thumb we can normally offer free delivery if within 5 miles of Tunbridge Wells and if for four or less bikes. We will normally ask for a delivery fee if further afield or we need to use a trailer to transport multiple bikes.

We rent bikes out for the day for £20 each. For longer term rentals we charge an extra £10 per bike per day up to £45 for a weeks hire.

Enquiry form:

Please just use the form below if you are looking to enquire about bikes to be delivered.