Get in touch

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions.

You can contact us via the Mobile app or alternatively please email us at

We check emails regularly.

Our telephone number is: 07858595354

Report a problem

Our bikes are frequently checked and maintained although problems can of course occur in between checks. If you spot one of our bikes that needs attention, please do not hire it and let us know via email. We will make sure it cannot be hired and prioritise its maintenance.


Host our bikes with you

We are always looking for new people and places to partner with. If you think your business would benefit from having Countrybikes located at your venue, then you are probably right.

There are several ways we would look to promote you:

  1. Our website will include a promotional write-up about your venue.
  2. With your permission we would also like to include references to you in social media based posts and in other media we use to build awareness of our service and venues we operate from.
  3. If you would be willing to hold either cycle helmets and/or local cycle maps inside, then this will give further reason to visit and promote trade from users of the service.

Of course, we envisage that the bikes will be seen as a further amenity and reason to visit you also.

Please email us to arrange a proper chat.


Press information

We believe Countrybike is the first bike hire model of its kind for the countryside in the UK. You may have already seen us in the local press or heard us on the radio.

If you work in the press and would like to know more about what we do, how we are going about it and about our values, we would be happy to share. We also have a ready made press kit available. 


Alternatively, please just fill out the email form below: