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October 2020


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Carole Dowling is the Founder of The Enjoy Movement, a personal training and fitness business in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Carole has more than 10 years’ experience working with women, breaking down barriers to exercise that have been created over lifetimes. Her mission is to positively encourage and support women to enjoy and embrace moving their bodies for life and to celebrate all the wonderful physical and mental benefits that brings.

CountryBike has never just been about bikes! We are also about the mental and physical health, environmental and local business benefits we hope to encourage through what we do. If we can help get a family out for the day, away from screens for a few hours and exercising together in the fresh country air, then we could not be more happy. Carole and her team has been inspiring women for the last decade to come together and enjoy exercise. We say bravo to that!

Over to you Carole…..


The nights may be drawing in and the weather not as warm as it was in September, but this is not the time to say goodbye to outdoor adventures. The Autumn is a brilliant time to get outside and enjoy being active. There is so much you can do to enjoy this fabulous season, from forest walks to discovering local sights or having adventures on a bike. Get yourself in the fresh air and you will be rewarded as your mental and physical health improve keeping you fit and feeling fabulous.

Not convinced? If you think hibernating until the Spring is much more appealing read on and you may just be persuaded to get your coat on and get outside.

Reason Number 1:

Autumnal weather is perfect for exercise. The weather is often a decisive factor to whether we exercise outside. Autumn gives us crisp days and blue skies making it much more pleasant to work up a sweat than in the height of summer. Not only does it feel easier on our bodies, the fresh air is energising and a brilliant mood booster, so it has a fantastic impact on our mental health too. If you think the gym is the place to exercise when the weather turns then think again, you might find your outdoor exercise experience is a much more enjoyable one. It is certainly my favourite place to move my body.

Reason Number 2:

Any opportunity to get the family outside and escape from screens, washing mountains and household chores is a good one. There are so many distractions when we are at home but escaping to the great outdoors is a great anti-dote to modern life and a brilliant change of scene. It is also a great diversion from any sibling bickering and can transform moods resulting in happy children and even happier parents.

Reason Number 3:

You can eat cake or go for a pint! The best outdoor adventure is combining your walk/run/cycle with a trip to the pub, café or shop. It is a great opportunity to explore the local area and find some cool new places. The villages around Tunbridge Wells have so much to offer in terms of cafés, pubs and farm shops that incorporating a stop at one of them really adds to the experience.

Reason Number 4:

Slowing down and getting out for a change of scene can do wonders for our mental health. We live in stressful times. There is a lot to worry about, much of it outside of our control. Putting ourselves in a different physical space allows us to enter a different mental space. Seeing the skyline, hearing the birds or the crunching of leaves underfoot, gives us a sense of calm. Even if you take a short trip outside it is a great opportunity to slow down, breathe deeply and release some tension.

Reason Number 5:

A hugely positive thing we can do for our health is to increase our NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis). In short, this includes all the movement we do that is not structured exercise, such as a personal training session or exercise class. Increasing our NEAT not only has a massive impact on our health but also has other positive benefits such as enhancing our mood. If you are looking to increase your activity level then the physical benefits of adding in some fun activity into your day are huge. Approach each new day and ask yourself ‘what can I do today to increase my NEAT’ and you’ll be making significant improvements to your overall health.

Being active outside, no matter what the time of year, has many benefits. My personal favourite is purely that it makes you feel amazing. If you want to boost your mood, release some stress, reconnect with your family, or gain great health benefits then take the opportunity to get out of the house this Autumn.